High Fructose Levels Can Damage Immune System; Know the Foods You Should Avoid

Sugar-rich foods can harm our bodies in many ways. A prolonged diet of sugary foods can elevate the risk of heart diseases and cause weight gain. Poor nutritional value in foods rich in sugar is also one of the reasons why people should avoid them. Now, a latest research has added another point to the plethora of disadvantages of sugar rich foods. The new study proves that the diets having high levels of fructose can have an adverse effect on our immune system. Also known as fruit sugar, fructose is found in juices and honey. It is also found in artificially manufactured high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is used in the preparation of sodas, candies and boxed food packs.

As reported by Eat This, Not That!, the research published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications has been conducted by scientists from University of Bristol, Francis Clark Institute in London and the medical school of Swansea University, Wales.

These foods can cause inflammation of the immune system, making it produce more molecules that can further cause more inflammation in the body.

Experts suggest that it is necessary that people should reduce intake of processed foods that are high in HFCS and can cause inflammation. Quoting dietitian nutritionist Sydney Greene, the report mentions that higher inflammation can burden our immune system and eventually leave us prone to diseases. Cutting back on fructose can become an important step in preserving the immune system. Cooking our food instead of using boxed packages can be a step ahead in reducing fructose intake.

This is not the first time that sugary foods have been found to cause inflammation in the body. Previously, it was discovered that excess sugar in the body can lead to inflammation in the arteries, making them thicker and can cause stiffness. Excess sugar in the body can cause several heart issues that can be fatal, for instance, heart attack, stroke or heart failure.